lotto duck

Welcome to the biggest lotto of the year!

The pot is $760!! 

You can sign up for the next & final lotto by e-transferring your fee to  Mike Buckley at and selecting numbers or “Letting It Ride”.

Prices remain the same!

  • ​1 entry – $10
  • 3 entries – $20

Are you a returning player and not changing your numbers?

  • Put “Let it ride” to use your existing numbers

Are you a new player OR do you just want to change your numbers?

  • Use the form below

Entry Form for Lotto #6 Starting March 30


Sign up for the next Lotto 10/49. You may select 1 or 3 sets of numbers for each Lotto. One entry is $10 and 3 entries are $20. TSA Lotto 10/49 is open to residents of New Brunswick only. 

    Entry 1: Enter 10 numbers

    Entry 2: OPTIONAL

    Entry 3: OPTIONAL

    BIGGEST LOSER Entry: Were you the biggest loser in the last lotto? If so, enter your numbers here.

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    Lotto Dates

    Lotto # Start Date End Date Jackpot Winner(s)
    1 Sat Oct 7 Fri Nov 10 $555 Mae & Rob
    2 Sat Nov 11 Fri Dec 15 $720 Sam S
    3 Sat Dec 16 Fri Jan 19 $735 Jane B, Martha and Nancy P
    4 Sat Jan 20 Fri Feb 23 $725 Don and Mae & Rob
    5 Sat Feb 24 Fri Mar 29 $760
    6 Sat Mar 30 Fri May 3

    Rules and License

    TSA will run Lotto 10/49 every 5 weeks starting October 7, 2023.

    Participants must live within New Brunswick to play.​

    Player selects 10 DIFFERENT numbers between 1 and 49 for each entry.

    The game is based on LOTTO 649’s Wednesday & Saturday winning numbers.

    You try to match the numbers on your entry against the LOTTO 649 drawn numbers and the bonus number.

    After each draw we will post the count of matching numbers. The first participant to match 10 numbers on their entry wins.

    If no one has matched 10 numbers by the end date, then the participant(s) with the most matching numbers will be declared the winner.


    • The winners share is 50% of the pot.
    • 50% of the pot goes to TSA Curling Club.
    • The pot will be posted shortly after the deadline for each draw.
    • If 2 or more players match their remaining numbers at the same time, the 50% is shared evenly among the winners.

    Results of the Lotto 10/49 will be posted on this page.

    The results will show each participant (either full name or a nickname provided), their numbers for each entry, and the total pot for the Lotto 10/49.

    After each official LOTTO 649 Wednesday and Saturday draw, the results will show each participant’s matched numbers as well as the LOTTO 649 winning numbers.

    Payment and numbers must be received by Mike Buckley by e-transfer by Friday 11 PM Atlantic time before each Lotto 10/49 start date.

    Start and end dates are published above for each Lotto 10/49.

    NOTE: for audit and tracking purposes we will only accept payment by e-transfer to

    Entry Fee:
    1 entry for $10
    3 entries for $20

    You can sign up for the next one by e-transferring your fee to  Mike Buckley at
    In the message you can either:

    You are in the draw if we receive your entries and payment before the posted deadline for each Lotto 10/49.
    NOTE: if you do not want your name posted on the results page please provide a nickname to be used.

    Charlene 506-642-7527 or – administrator
    Mike 506-634-7656 or – payment & receipt of entries


    To prove it’s not just about winning, we offer a prize for the biggest loser! The person with the LEAST number of matches when the lotto ends will get an extra entry in the next lotto when they purchase 3 entries for $20.

    They will get 4 entries for just $20!!

    If there is a tie then the tie breaker will be the first person to hit the bottom. For example in lotto #4 we had Leblanc #2, Hawco #1 & Thompson #3 tied for last with 4 matches each. None of them hit the bottom until Nov. 15 at which time Martha was in sole possession of last place. That would be the tie-breaker and Martha would get 4 entries for $20 in Lotto 5.

    If there is still a tie, the next tie-breaker will be who spent the most weeks at the bottom.

    So it’s not so bad to be last!