Thistle-St. Andrew’s Board of Directors


Kevin Kyle

Kevin Kyle


​The President is the official representative of the club at both internal and external events. The President presides at all meetings at the club and has a leadership role with the Board of Directors. The President also works on projects for TSA.

Danny Armstrong

Lana Mouland

First Vice-President

The First Vice President assists the President. Also in the absence of the President will perform the duties of the President. The Vice President will also work on various committees and projects for TSA. The First Vice President will assume the role of President during the next curling season

Adrian Adams

Second Vice-President

This position is responsible for learning the operation in training to be President. This position is a four year term with each year progressing to 1st Vice President, President, and then to Past President. Second Vice President will also have an active role providing advice and chairing assigned committees.

Danny Armstrong

Danny Armstrong

Past President

The Past President provides advice and guidance to the President and the Board of Directors. The Past President will also have an active role in the operation of TSA and is in charge of finding candidates for Board of Directors vacancies.

Susan Dole

Susan Dole


The Secretary keeps a record of all meetings of the Board of Directors, annual meetings of the club as well as any special meetings called by the President. The Secretary is also responsible for providing notice of all meetings required in the by-laws of TSA.

Mark Beaton


The treasurer shall received all monies due the club and deposit them in a chartered bank to the credit of the club, keep a correct account of all receipts and disbursement of the club and to give a full report as to the financial standing of the club at the annual meeting in October. The treasurer shall also have power to draw, accept and endorse bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques and orders of payment of money on behalf of the club. If authorized by the board of directors, he/she may borrow money from any chartered bank for club orders so drawn accepted or endorsed by the Treasurer, shall be countersigned by the President or First-Vice President, except for deposits only keeps records of the financial standing of TSA and when directed by the Board of Directors, arranges any financial loans to TSA.

Rachel Dempster

Rachel Dempster

Social Director

The Social Director’s main role is to organize ‘fun/themed’ events outside of non league play, for friends, family and those new to curling, to enjoy the curling atmosphere.
Adib Samaan

Adib Samaan

Ice Director

The Ice Director works with the ice technician and is responsible for all aspects of the ice, the plant and arena area.
Bill Woodhouse

Bill Woodhouse

Building and Facilities Director

The Building and Facilities Director set priorities for repairs or purchases for the general upkeep of the property and equipment.

Allison Chisholm

Programs Director

The Program and Services Director works with all the leagues for their smooth operation and maximize ice utilization.

Maureen Desmond

Membership Director

The Membership Director’s role is to promote TSA, attract new members and to ensure our existing members’ are happy!

Jeff Fry

Jeff Fry

Marketing & Communications Director

The Communications and Marketing Director oversees the internal and external club communications.
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​Our curling facility gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Canadian Curling Association through its Curling Assistance Program.

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